“Envision the future,
get ready today.”
— blockchain visionaries at Blockvis
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We are ready to share our knowledge with those, who will deliver new services, or simply want to understand the essence of the brave new world of Tomorrow. For every level of prior knowledge we have seminars and practical classes.

For Users

  • Introduction to Blockchain: basic notions.
  • Tools and Ecosystem: Wallets and Exchanges.
  • Smart contracts in simple words.
  • Critical thinking on investments.
  • Overview of the leading cryptocurrencies ideological and technological differences.

For Developers

  • Applied cryptography for implementing blockchain-like systems.
  • Bitcoin, Exonum, Stellar, IOTA Infrastructure.
  • Project integration with various blockchains:
    SDK and integration services.
  • Development, testing and auditing of smart contracts for EVM based on Solidity source code.



Expert technology can supplement your in-house IT department, increasing staff efficiency and ensuring results. Consulting engagements are customized to meet your specific needs, schedule, and budget.

  • Strategic architecting and consulting.
  • ICO whitepapers writing.
  • Tokens economy design.
  • Rapid prototype development.


We help our partners to enhance and facilitate existing business processes by leveraging the blockchain technology as well as build completely unique blockchain-based solutions from scratch. We offer a wide range of Smart Contracts starting from simple ICO-contracts to a full-fledged Distributed Autonomous Organisations.

  • Smart Contracts (Solidity).
  • Private Blockchains (Rust).
  • Web (PHP, NodeJS) and Mobile (Xamarin, Swift).
  • Third party API Integrations.
  • Civic Authorization.
Our mission is to establish Baltic States as a global hub for innovation in blockchain technology
Number one blockchain expert in Baltic region
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Blockvis is a group of IT professionals, business experts and blockchain visioners who make the blockchain technology serve the humanity by educating public and delivering real world blockchain applications.
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