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Daniel Kelleher
Daniel Kelleher,
Civic Technologies, Vice President of Engineering
I worked with a team from Blockvis for twelve months. Blockvis engineers are professional, dedicated and rich in blockchain domain knowledge. It was a pleasure to work with them!
Andre Kalinowski
Andre Kalinowski,
Parsiq, Founder
The most competent workforce provider in blockchain. Blockvis successfuly combines enormous theoretical knowledge, deep understanding and philosphy with fast-paced, professional execution
Janis Viklis
Janis Viklis,
FilesFM, CEO
The Blockvis team are definitely go-to experts in fullstack IT systems development, algorithms, data structures, blockchain and other complex solutions! Highly recommend.
Jonas Simanavicius
Jonas Simanavicius,
Blockvis engineers are competent and dedicated. We were working with Blockvis from very beginning, and found them rock-solid on their solutions and implementations
Sometimes trust can not be replaced with verification.
Sometimes it can. Let’s decide together.
— Inspired by Gödel's theorem
We help our clients to enhance and facilitate existing business processes by leveraging the blockchain technology or its parts. Sometimes immutability, transparency and auditability could be implemented using more lightweight techniques than the blockchain. We are ready to identify these cases and use appropriate technology/cryptography.
We provide traditional audit for Ethereum based smart-contracts. As well we provide another type of audit: checking mathematical correctness of proofs used in custom blockchain/cryptographic protocols and constructing attacks to these protocols.
Through the extensive communication we help our clients to identify right parts of their business scope that could benefit from blockchain technology. Deep knowledge of technology capabilities allows us to reveal unnoticed opportunities for client business.
We are hiring
We are hiring
Our company always demonstrated strong problem-solving skills for our clients.
This is the skill we appreciate the most. As a new team member with no excuse, you will be immediately put into the challenging context: scalability, security, privacy-preserving, compliance and other aspects of modern crypto-related projects. Maybe not all at once - because we are correctly distributing all the work between relevant engineers.

We are looking for solid professionals with a provable background, maybe not exactly in crypto or blockchain, as we can quickly turn any professional with relevant developer skills into a crypto-expert (it's our teaching know-how).
In return, we are offering:
  • the stable competitive salary for professionals bringing great projects into life
  • ability to learn emerging technologies at first hand
  • friendly environment
  • achievement bonuses
Contact us
Blockvis, SIA
Maskavas street 240
Left tower, 6th floor
Riga, LV-1063Waze
[email protected]